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Autounattend.xml file is not detected by grub4dos


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Hello to everyone,

I want to start the unattended installation of Windows 7 from FreeDOS (it runs in LIVE mode on the DVD/ROM) using Grub4dos. This is the partition scheme of the disk with which I work :

(hd0) : 300 GB

(hd0,0) : NTFS (hidden partition,it contains the boot folder and the file bootmgr)

(hd0,1) : NTFS (This is the installation partition)

Since the boot files of Windows 7 are located on (hd0,0),to start the unattended installation of Windows 7 I have :

1) renamed bootmgr to bootmgr_ on (hd0,0) to prevent booting Windows 7 from there

2) copied all the installation files of 7 on the root of partition (hd0,1)

3) copied Autounattend.xml on the root of the partition (hd0,1)

4) created menu.lst :

title Start the installation of Windows Vista/7 32/64 bit

find --set-root --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd /bootmgr

chainloader /bootmgr

5) grub.exe and menu.lst are located on the root of the DVD/ROM,because Freedos runs in Live mode.

grub4dos detects the correct bootmgr and the installation of Win 7 starts correctly. The problem is that Autounattend.xml is not detected at all,even if it is on the root of (hd0). Why ?

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