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Using more than 512mb ram Update Fix?

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On 6/23/2017 at 3:27 AM, 98SE said:


Did you boot to 98SE DOS using a USB floppy or optical disc?

What program are you using in DOS to test the memory and disk for corruption?

At the DOS Prompt switch to the drive letter of your 4TB hard drive.

Enter this command and hit enter:


See if it starts showing any garbage characters before it finishes reading all the files and directories on the entire drive.  How full is the 4TB and how much space is remaining?

You can also do a


after to see storage information.

What are your computer system specs?  Motherboard and how are you hooking up the 4TB hard drive?  Internal SATA or external USB?

I booted DOS 7.1 on a 32gb usb pen drive (made with dos from win98se with service pack 3.1) with the latest io.sys. This was using grub4dos. To test the integrity of the 2TB fat32 drive in dos, first of all I filled it up using Win10 and created a hash. Then I wiped the drive, booted to dos and copied across the same 2TB of files. Verified the hash and it  matched.

Dir/s/w/p in the root of the drive in dos didn't  produce any garbled text from start to finish. The drive is an internal SATA 4GB WD Black, using a z270 motherboard and 8GB.

I managed to get 8GB ram showing in realmode dos 7.1 using EMS64.exe. (it uses EMS 4.0).  You still need to use himem.sys.  I then created the ramdrive using shsurdrv.exe.

This got around the XMSDSK 2GB limit.

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