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Questions for some Unattended Win7 Veterans

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I run my own IT business; a one person operation at this point in which I have to continually install OS's on customers computers. About 6 months ago I spent a fair bit of time setting up Windows 7 to deploy from my office server using a LTI disc (all of these installs happen within my office as I prepare the systems for my customers). I got it installing all versions of Win7, with all the applications I needed and with all of the updates I needed. But I got too busy to keep working on it and it's been sitting ever since.

I still need to do the following and am hoping some of you veterans can tell me the best way to get this done:

1 - Install User Accounts (right now my systems are using the Administrator account and the system finishes with only that account existing)

2 - Add some registry tweaks and batch files to tidy up the Start Menu, etc.

At this point I'm just copy the Lite Touch iso files from the Deployment Server share and using those discs to start the installation.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, and of course answers to those two questions would be great. Thanks :)

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