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SwissFrench Keyboard in DOS on US setup ?


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I have a Compaq Swiss French Keyboard in Windows (on a WIN 98SE US setup) which works without problems. However, if I am in DOS, the setup falls back to US (letter Y = Z and . = , and AltGr \ = (simple) \ and : = something else and so on).

I have installed the "Unofficial Updated + Improved System Tools for Windows 95/OSR1/OSR2/98/98 SP1/98 SE" from MGDX, where "msconfig" is improved with an "International" tab (rider) and renamed "System Configuration Utility": If clicking on the "International" tab, you can opt for the sf = 850 (swiss french) setup (including keyboard), but two fields are not (automatically) filled in: Keyboard Type and Keyboard Layout.

Any idea what I should put into those two fields ?

Otherwise I only found the solution to put "keyb sf" in sysedit\autoexec.bat, which however leads to long delays in BootLogAnalyzer.

Any experiences how to resolve this (possibly with other languages) ?



edit: forgot to say: there is no option for sf in BIOS

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