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*** Make_PE3 Program to Create Portable Windows 7 PE ***

Make_PE3 can be used in Windows 8/7/XP Multi-Boot environment
Source can be fresh installed Win7 SP0 without Updates or Win7 DVD SP0 or SP1 - x86 or x64 versions

AIK_Tools folder in Make_PE3 is the place where used tools as Dism.exe and imagex.exe and oscdimg.exe are collected.

Without AIK you can use Make_PE3 to make in about 4 minutes 7pe_x86.iso
from Winre.wim in Recovery folder and by using Dism.exe of Windows 7 Source Drive
Thanks to tsetya for publishing this easy way to create Windows 7 PE

7pe_x86.iso = Win7 Recovery ISO with Windows 7 GUI , and made from Winre.wim or boot.wim and without AIK
pe3_x86.iso = AIK Windows PE 3.0 with Windows 7 GUI , and made from winpe.wim by using AIK

Portable Windows 7 PE is a bootable ISO with size of about 200 MB
The Boot ISO files are made by adding to boot.wim about 700 files and some registry settings of Windows 7
Thanks to JFX for pioneering work on Win7PE_SE which is an important source of info for me

BOOT_IMG.exe can be used to install the ISO files as boot option in grub4dos Menu on HDD or USB
Moreover, Make_USB.exe of U_XP_SET package can be used to create bootable USB-stick with Portable Windows 7 PE

Required for making pe3_x86.iso - AIK for Windows 7 - KB3AIK_EN.iso - Microsoft - Windows PE 3.0;displaylang=en
Dism.exe of AIK must be version 6.1.7600.16385 (earlier version 7000 gives Errors)

Known issue:
Previous use of WimFltr v.1 by e.g. imagex version 6.0.6001 (e.g. for making BB-7PE or W7PEX)
would result in reg load error when using Make_PE3 programs, but the program will detect and STOP before building 7 PE
It means that when Make_PE3 has mounted boot.wim with Dism, that reg load of PE registry would fail.
Solution: simply Reboot before using Make_PE3 programs to STOP WimFltr v.1

Portable 7 PE x86 has 4 Versions differing in size and functionality:
- MIN and BS Explorer version are booting fast and meant for PC repair purpose (Device and Disk Management available)
- Explorer version has Internet Explorer 8 and Themes and is meant for general purpose
- Media version has Windows Media Player and DirectX and is meant for MultiMedia purpose      

It is required to extract Make_PE3.exe to the root of your drive

- Download VLC Media Player for PStart menu from
Run VLCPortable_1.1.4.paf.exe
Browse to your \Make_PE3\MULTI\PStart\Progs folder
Install in your \Make_PE3\MULTI\PStart\Progs\VLCPortable folder

Copy PStart folder and wallpaper.jpg and drv folder with drivers as normal from Make_PE3\MULTI to root of HDD or USB boot drive.

Adding Programs before building the 7 PE ISO - The easiest way is to make use of plugins for Make_PE3 package.

The Make_PE3_plugins.exe are selfextracting packages with addons, and containing files, registry and drivers for apps,
and which contain Start Menu and Desktop icons and have similar folder structure as in Make_PE3 and as in 7 PE and Windows 7.
Registry exported from Windows 7 or 7 PE can be used as reg files in the plugins, so that they can be made easily.
The Export registry must be made suitable for import in the from PE3 loaded SYSTEM SOFTWARE and DEFAULT hive and have keys like


In this way we can share and exchange easily plugins packages with addons. :
As exemple you may download Make_PE3_plugins.exe for adding imaging software to Make_PE3 folder to build Portable 7 PE
Run and Extract Make_PE3_plugins.exe in the same way as you did for Make_PE3.exe

Guide with More Info:

Development and historical thread here:

User Interface of Make_PE3.cmd Batch Program to Create 7pe_x86.iso Boot Image


User Interface of Make_PE3.exe Program to Create 7pe_x86.iso Boot Image


Portable Windows 7 PE - Wireless Internet with IE8 and working Audio