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Users folder shortcuts "location is not available" folders?


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Now, I dont know why these have suddenly appeared.. but I have 21 directories in my c:\user\username folder, 10 of which look like shortcuts, but If I try to access them, they say the locaiton is not available...

I did read somewhere that thes are junctions, and they allow certain prgrams to be able to find the locations of where such folders used to be on older versions of Windows, but I dont ever remember seeing these before... why now, and shouldnt they be hidden? Ive checked the view settings which arent showing any hidden or system files etc...

Anyone shed any light???


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Those are system files. Double check your folder options for hide/show system files because it seems that you have set it to show.

If you have set it to hide and they are still showing, try closing the explorer.exe process and open it again.

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