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CPU Usage?


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I tried using your guide but its a bit unclear at some steps.

I dont get the "stack counts by type" graph?

i tried the summary table on the cpu by cpu graph but my highest count was "ntsokernal.exe" ?

Perhaps zip and upload the content generated, and we can take a look?

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No offense, but it's the weekend for me, and in general I stay offline during this time. I expect most others who frequent here do as well (given the relatively large dip in traffic from Friday afternoon to Monday morning). Be patient.

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Well, I think Andre is right. In looking at the CPU usage, it's definitely a consistent spike, every second - one spike is ~2.5%, the next is ~7.5%, the next 2.5%, the next 7.5%, etc. I saw what appears to be the nvidia network driver in quite a few of the 7.5% stacks, but not in the 2.5% stacks (at least not to the level down I went), but I don't necessarily think that's the root cause - although it may be, as I've seen nvidia network drivers cause this. At any rate, to get to the data analysis, the top consumer of CPU in the explorer.exe process is shlwapi!WrapperThreadProc. The shlwapi binary is basically responsible for determining if a particular API call belongs to the shell (explorer.exe), or if should be handled by the browser, and then creates the thread requested in the context required. The WrapperThreadProc being the highest CPU consumer means something *else* running in explorer.exe is trying to create and process a *new* thread, every second. Since this isn't common to explorer.exe itself, I would have to agree with Andre - what explorer shell extensions do you have loaded, and are you running the latest drivers for the nvidia devices in your system? Also, if you disable Windows Search, does the problem continue (it's a fringe chance, but it's still possible that this can cause that behavior as well).

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