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Help Needed In creating .NET Framework 3.5 SFX archive


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Hello to all,

I've Just been trying to create .Net Framework 3.5 sp1 Sfx Archive but it can't just happen.This is what i did

1 Downloaded the full package from Microsoft size 231MB

2 Extacted the Content to c:\DNF35 folder

3 I deleted The x64 related folders so only remained with x86 Folders and files

4 Contents in DNF35 folder are folders of

a dotNetFX20

b dotNetFX30

c dotNetFX35

d Tools

e dotNetFx35setup.exe (2.82MB)

5 My WinRAR script is

;The comment below contains SFX script commands

Setup=dotNetFx35setup.exe /qb /norestart




I created the archive and after i run it i got this error

Windows can not find 'dotNetFx35setup.exe' make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again.

I also tried to extract the dotNetFx35setup.exe to the DNF35 and the deleting the dotNetFx35setup.exe. and sepcifying setup=setup.exe /qb /norestart.

Still the SFX archive cannot run the specified file in the setup command and i get the error

Please go to the Control Panel to install and configure System Components

I even specified the path as %Temp% but still setup command can not run the specified program

Please can anyone help me to create the this SFX so i can convert it to be an Addon for nLite

help will highly appreciated

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I have created a sfx archive and used it 4 past 10 months with u r above commands.if u need i will upload it 4 u. after ur reply.

i will give u a vital information.i have tried using it for nlite addon it cannot be installed at t13 minutes.it can be installed after logging into a user.

so i used in GuiRunOnce it was very very sucessful.all programs cannot be installed in t13 mins of setup.kindly note it up.if u had developed a nlite addon fot .net3.5.kindly share with us.

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