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change win7 home premium to ultimate


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is it possible to change the windows 7 home premium DVD to all version DVD (starter, hp, ultimate, basic, professional)

if its possible, is it possible to integrate each serial for each version on the same DVD

one key for ultimate (or token/oem slp)

another key for professional (or token)

i want to integrate all in the same DVD

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well i have gone through the site, its ei.cfg file... but still

will this applies for all version of windows 7?

does this support RTM and OEM

lets suppose i have to integrate the keys and the activation for different pc and version of hardware


one of my laptop is installed home premium

another is professional.

but has different token backups

how to include this both activation on same DVD so that i can use the same DVD for these two hardware.

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It depends on the media - if the OEM created a repair or recovery disc and only included the version of Windows that is installed on your PC in the install.wim file, this won't work. However, if the .wim file contains all versions, then this will work. You can see what versions are on your disk if you run the imagex /info command against the .wim file.

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