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Dedicate network connection to browser session


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Is there a way to dedicate a network connection to a browser session ? I have been doing some searching and have been unsuccessful. I tried to prioritize WLAN connection over LAN connections via "Advanced" settings from network connections and that did nothing. I also would like my LAN active for RDP sessions, so I can not DC from LAN when browsing.

Scenerio, Both LAN and WLAN are connected to separate broadband networks.

Preferred Network connection for browsing internet (WLAN)

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

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No. I don't know exactly how safari works, but it's probably similar to Firefox - with IE, Google Chrome, and Firefox, the browser simply calls down into the winsock APIs and gets a socket in return that it can use to send/receive data for whatever it wants to do (it can request more, free up sockets, etc). This is all handled differently within the browsers themselves, but ultimately they go into winsock on Windows. If you wanted to force a browser's sockets to a specific network connection, at the least you'd have to write a winsock app that you could use to intercept all requests for sockets, and you could then force those packets to specific connection object based on the requestor via bind(), but that would take a good amount of time and code, and it would introduce some latency and possible performance issues for all network apps.

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