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Hi everybody,

this topic is already present in some other forums but still for me it doesnt work. I was wondering, how to add a user into the

Component Services-> Computers -> My Computer -> Com+ Applications -> System Application -> Roles -> Administrator

by script.


I tried the tool dcomperm.exe but after I read that it it is not developed for roles so it has to be done with the ComAdminCatalog. But I cant find any useful information about it.

Dim catalog
Dim applications
Dim application
Set catalog = CreateObject("COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog")
Set applications = catalog.GetCollection("Applications")
Call applications.Populate

The AppID is "{02D4B3F1-FD88-11D1-960D-00805FC79235}"

Would be please anybody so kindly to help me out with that


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