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Outlook 2002 - Lost cached addresses


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I am aware that when you re-create a profile for MS Outlook, it will lose any of the e-mail addresses that were cached from when they were first typed into the address field. One of my users has unfortunately depended on this to "store" her e-mail contacts and after re-creating her profile (as it had become corrupt), they are no longer appearing for her when she goes to enter an address. Is there by any chance, a way of getting these back???

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Actually if you do a proper transfer you shouldn't lose them, they are referred to as the autocomplete entries, or the nk2 file, ie do a search in your profile for *.nk2 , it should be located at;

[Your Profile]\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

but i've seen them elsewhere.

If you still have access to the old profile (or a backup), then copy over that nk2 file and outlook should pick it up the next time you restart it

If you don't have access then you can use a little program from nirsoft to autoimport;


however it grabs it from the address book, manually entered emails not in the address book are lost.

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