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How does the Trial Work?


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I heard that Windows 7 has a 120 day trial option. How does this work?

If Vista is anything to go by, I imagine that one installs it from the disk, with no key, and it works in trial mode for 120 days. If you then buy it, you simply put your key in and it activates. Am I right?

Some concerns:

  1. Is the trial fully functional, or is it crippled?
  2. Can one install the trial from an RTM disk?
  3. Has anyone here tried out the trial?

I want to see it before I buy it.

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Thanks, Kelsenellenelvian, those are perfectly sufficient and concise answers.

Am I right in saying that the "grace" period makes a better trial than the "trial" period? I read that the 90-day trial can't actually be activated after 90-days, where the 30-day grace period (extended with the rearm command) CAN be activated at the end?

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Trial software is just that - if you decide to purchase, you MUST reformat and reinstall with non-Trial media. However, "regular" media has a 30-day grace period that doesn't require a reformat if you choose to purchase - you just enter the product key from installation media and activate.

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