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How can I fix the Windows 7 error code 0x8007048F ?


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I'm trying to install windows 7 on a DELL INSPIRON 6400 notebook.....

The notebook has an OLD VISTA version..... I had to install SP1 on it for the installation to proceed.

However, after installing SP1 the compatibility report said that I have to update the driver of something about IDE :

Upgrading Windows will affect the following devices and/or programs:

These devices might not work properly after the upgrade. Before upgrading, we recommend updating the drivers for these devices. Cancel the upgrade, open Control Panel and search for "update device drivers", or go to the device manufacturer's website to search for updated drivers.

Storage controllers: AIWVWQ6A IDE Controller

I've searched for that driver over the web, but nothing was found.

I decided to ignore that notification and continued installing windows7...

Everything seemed to be great until the system rebooted and gave me the code error 0x8007048F

After some internet searching I found that:

0x8007048F = ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED - The device is not connected.

I tried to solve the problem by updating the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" in Device Manager, but nothing worked.


How can I solve this problem??

Thanks in advance...

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Upgrade the device driver before installing Win7? Dell should have a driver available to you for this model if the Windows Update Advisor found that you need it. Most of the WUA output is based on the testing and the beta product cycles, meaning if it knows there's a problem and you need to update, then you should be able to find an update (otherwise it would have blocked the upgrade if there was nothing newer for the device).

I'd contact Dell and get the driver Win7 setup is mentioning before upgrading, or just do a clean install.

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