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Changing Domain Controllers IP (can this be done?)


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I have one Domain Controller on the network and that is it. I also have no servers connected to that Domain. Plus I have only 8 users connected to that Domain. I would like to change the Static IP of the Domain Controller from to after I make the change on the router to match new address range,

My question, What are the steps that I would have to know to make the change to a different IP address range?

The reason why I want to change the network IP range is because when people connect with Routing and Remote access VPN. The Ip address is the same as all default IP that routers have at home. So people can connect to the VPN but are unable to view share on the network at the office because when they look for a share it looks local on thier network instead of the office network. So when I change the default IP address range to something else it will work.

Any help would be great !!!!!

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