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Script to Add computers to "Log On To.."

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I have about 500 users that need access to 3 new servers in our 2003 Windows Server Domain. I am looking for a script that will accomplish this for me. After a brief internet search I found this script. Anyone familiar with VB Scripting could tell me if this will work?

Dim strComputer, objUser, strWorkstations, arrNames, k, objOU

' Bind to user object.
Set objOU = GetObject _
objOU.Filter = Array("user")

' Specify NetBIOS name of computer to add.
strComputer = "SERVER1,SERVER2,SERVER3"

For Each objUser in objOU
' Retrieve value of userWorkstations attribute.
strWorkstations = objUser.userWorkstations

' Check if new computer name already included.
arrNames = Split(strWorkstations, ",")
For k = 0 To UBound(arrNames)
If (LCase(strComputer) = LCase(arrNames(k))) Then
' This computer already included. Abort.
Wscript.Echo "User already allowed to logon to " & strComputer
End If

' Append new computer name.
If (strWorkstations = "") Then
strWorkstations = strComputer
strWorkstations = strWorkstations & "," & strComputer
End If

' Save new value.
objUser.userWorkstations = strWorkstations


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