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format issue. harddrives not installed plz help


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hello guys. new member here. i have signed in cause i have a bit of a problem and other site dont seem to be much of a help. i have a hp dv9770 ev laptop with intel core duo t9300 2.5 ghz, 3 gb ram, geforce 8600m gs, 2 hard disks hitach 240 g each one( or a 500g 1 split in 2.) and a vista home premium 32bit. my pc is lagging like hell, so i thought of formating it to xp ( got the bootable installation disk). but when i try it right when i press enter to begin the format, a message comes up where it says that the disks are not installed. i have searched about the problem and it says that

1 i need to enter the bios to change my drives from sata to ide so that they can be read. but my bios is phoenix and i dont know what to press in order to enter(havent entered be4). can some1 tell me how to enter and maybe step by step the instruction on how to perform the sata to ide change?

2 i was sent to this site http://www.msfn.org/board/Integration-of-I...ve-t107504.html where i presumably need to use some program and download the ide/sata disk drivers to use with the program in order to enter it along with the installation xp disk in a new cd, so that be4 a format is done i will have to use the drivers 1st to fix the problem.

but i used sandra sisoftware to see my motherboard info in order to use the correct driver along with the nlite program in the site but the motherboard is describes as Quanta 30cb 79.2 e i dont even know what it means but there is no option for it in http://www.msfn.org/board/Integration-of-I...ve-t107504.html

i am a complete noob at any kind of pc tweaking and my 1st time formating, so if some1 could plz take the time and show me how to change the disks in bios and guide me to a site where i can pick the correct drivers for this kind of motherboard? plz help

formating is my last option due to a graphic card problem that i have been fighting for days



this are the sites where i have posted my graphics card problem. done everything and still nothing.

if some1 could plz help me with formating as repairing the card problem has no effect

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"i am a complete noob at any kind of pc tweaking and my 1st time formating"


Does your laptop have a restore (to factory specs) function? Did it come with restore (to return it to it's original configuration) disks? If you really want to install XP or even do a clean install of Vista, the first thing I would do it restore it to it's original configuration, using one of the two methods I mentioned. That should at least put an end to your frustration with this computer, and make it usuable again.

Then do a little research. Go to the manufacturer's website and see if there are drivers available for it (XP or Vista). Some laptops are designed with only one operating system in mind, and one graphics card in mind. You may not be able to change it.

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