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Vista on older Computer - asks for user/password Twice

Kathryn Scheller

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I haven't seen this before.

Recently, I brought out an older P4 machine (IBM Netvista 8319), and decided

to install Vista on it. Everything went well until the final reboot. Instead

of going to the desktop, I first got a screen asking if I wanted to run

Windows in Safe Mode or Windows in Normal Mode, etc. I chose Normal and up

comes the setup screen asking for a User name (again). I entered my original

User name, but got a message saying it was already in use (or something to

that effect).

So, I chose a different User name and password, and the installation

completed. I ended up with 2 administrator accounts, one in each of the


I have installed Vista on a good many new computers, and never found this


Can anyone tell me why this particular setup wants me to enter a second User

name and Password? I can't see where the hardware would be doing it. There's

nothing but your standard components involved.


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