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Thumbnail quality setting does not work in 32-bit XP


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I have just tried to set the two DWORDS affecting thumbnail size and quality under XP. Unfortunately, ThumbnailQuality does not seem to work. No matter what value I set it to be, thumbnail view in Explorer always shows low quality thumbnails.

PLEASE NOTE: that I have tried this in 64-bit Windows XP and works just fine.

Has anyone experienced this? Any help would be appreciated.

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I might be stupid but what are you talking about?

I understand you are referring to the Windows registry but it is a rather large place.

I quote the welcome message to this forum:

"Welcome to the Windows XP forum. If you have an error or a question make sure that you provide enough information to your fellow members in order to get a good answer, without information we cant answer you."


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Try deleting thumbs.db.

I understand what is mentioned in Tweak UI. However, I am talking about newly-created thumbnails. I even tried to remove every thumbs.db file I could find after modifying the setting, just to make sure they will be re-created. Same problem.

I repeat that this setting appears to work just fine under XP x64. Same procedure was followed.

One more note: Even it does not work, I am able to view the thumbnail in the correct quality if I right-click on it and choose 'Refresh thumbnail'. Yet they are not created with high quality in the first place, and it is obvious that it is impossible to manually refresh each and every one of them. Also, even after refreshing in high quality (and thumbs.db is re-created), if I close the window and re-open it, I still see them in low-quality. It seems to me as a CLEAR Windows XP x32 bug.

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I just tested it on my end and didn't notice a change either. The size setting changed them right away. I'm kinda blind so take this with a grain of salt.

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