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trying to install applications folder permissions question


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I just started testing a beta of window7. The hardware I am using is quite old

but at least the ethernet card 3com945cx is working.

I am not fond of the windows \program files\ default so I normally setup two

directories \prog\ and \tool\ with several subdirs.

The directories were created without any obvious problems on win7

However when I try to install an application like firefox into

\prog\network\firefox3 there is some kind of permissions message

that blocks the install.

I think this maybe something new because my userid does have

administrator rights.

I would appreciate knowing where to read up on whatever the new

policies are or a clue where to start looking to change this behavior


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If you want to be sure you're installing as admin, either log on directly with the local administrator account, or right-click on the installer and select "Run as administrator" from the list.

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