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Need Help with Access DB design

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I didn't see a forum specifically for databases, so hopefully this is a suitable alternative.

I'm trying to program through access 2007 a golf scoring database for my father (and myself by extension). It'll track the different courses we play at, and the number of strokes for each hole of each round. I know there are free versions of this online already, but half the fun of this stuff is building it myself.

My issue I'm having is I'm unsure how to set up the relationships between each Hole of a given Round to the Course's particular hole. I've attached my relationship report as I have it now, hoping one of you guys could shed some light on what I can do to fix it.

Ultimately i want the form to look like scorecard where each hole has the Course's Hole Number, Distance and Par, and beneath that I have the total strokes, whether the fairway was hit or green was reached in regulation, as well as the number of putts.



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I looked at your table structure and it looks okay. I would personally remove the tblState and tblRoundtype tables and put those columns in the yblRound table.

SQL is very powerful for making queries and I think that those two tables are just causing troubles.

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