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istartedsomething: "Why Windows Me deserves more respect"


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Sorry if this is old news, I found it just a minute ago ..

That guy gets it to the point :

"I have a confession to make, I used Windows Millennium Edition and I liked it. That doesn’t stop me making fun of it however.

At a time where there was still a separation between consumer and enterprise operating systems, Windows Me was at the top of its class."

Read further :

written March 18th, 2008 by Long Zheng

Why Windows ME deserves more respect


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I like Window Me also. It's been as stable as anything else around here and I'm too cheap to buy new software. I'll continue to use it for my email and web nonsense until my anti-virus software is no longer supported (end of April 09 according to AVG). After that, it'll become a virtual machine on a larger computer so I can still get at my files and the programs that made them.

That said, I don't think I ever saw an OEM installed version of Me that was worth squat. Computers that could run 98 could run Me just as well with similar hardware but manufacturers loaded them up and bogged them down with silly animated help wizards, truncated versions of popular or, worse, unpopular programs and pushed them on unsuspecting consumers. Bloatware basically got its start with Me and it's never been reigned in.

If there is fault at Microsoft over Windows Me it's that they cared so little about their own reputation by failing to stop what the OEMs were doing to it. I wasn't a Microsoft shareholder then but I am now and it dismays me to see this happening all over again with Vista.

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