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Install Files for MSN Live Package


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Hey everyone.

If you are one of the few (like me) who uses MSN Live Messenger or MSN Live Mail and want to incorporate the install files into your installation then here are the steps to get the install files.

You'll have to download the installer and choose what packages you want from microsoft first. Once you have it done and installed:

You'll have to tick off 'Show Hidden System Files' in Explorer's settings.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache

There will be several folder there depending on what you want installed. Go through each folder and chose the files needed.

These files are MSI files.

Little note though... If using Messenger, you also have to grab the crt.MSI and Contacts.MSI files

Just my little contribution if anyone is interested.

P.S. Personally, I use a batch file and call the installs using the RunOnceEx.

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Thanks, but pretty much everyone here already knew this.

I made a tutorial to modify the original installer to include patched files and i make switchless installers for english and spanish.

You can read more here.

A user named Benners made a tool to make switchless installers in your own language. Read more here.

I don't meant to sound rude...


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