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WMP11 won't stop syncing


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Ok, got a bit of a unique problem. Then again, I can fix most issues, so it usually takes unique ones to get me to post. WMP11 has a nifty (though I would argue, annoying) feature of syncing to any USB device, even if it's not a media player. In this case, it's my Corsair flash drive. I noticed a while back that when WMP was running, my flash drive's access light would run non-stop until I closed WMP. This, as you can imagine, irked me to no end (for one, that light is really bright).

I've gone into the Device options and changed the properties for my Corsair so all Sync options were unchecked. I've gone into the Advanced Options and disabled most of the "background sync" options. Yet still, from time to time (seemingly at random), my USB device will start flashing constantly when WMP11 is running, and won't stop until I close the program. After an exhaustive search on Google, I turned up no useful information. The only closely related posts I could find mentioned turning on manual syncing, or syncing when connected. Frankly, I don't want it to sync at all.

I tried deleting the "DeviceInfo from the "WMPInfo.xml" file that WMP generates on my flash drive and seting the file to read-only, but that just causes WMP to crash whenever I open it and my flash drive is plugged in.

So, I turn to you, in the hopes that someone reading this will have an answer on how to disable the sync feature for a particular device in WMP11. Barring that, I wouldn't mind turning off the sync feature altogether.

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Hmm, it seems that upon further investigation, there is no way to stop WMP11 from syncing altogether. I'm still uncertain as to why it feels the need to constantly access my device, though. Especially considering that it's not even a media player.

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fortunately enough, there is a way

go disable&stop service called WPDBusEnum aka Portable Device Enumerator Service

then go enjoy no-disturbing-sync-behavior-anymore at wmp-running-while-inserting-flash-memory-devices

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