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A question about a Registry Tweak


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I have been doing Unattended setups for a few years now and there has always been one Reg Tweak that has never worked for me. It's mentioned in countless tweak guides and concerns itself with enabling/disabling the Common Tasks portion of explorer in Windows XP aka webview.

The evoloution of this tweak for me has been as follows:

In an HKCU.reg file imported at T12 via commandlines.txt:

;	Do not use Common Folder Tasks

The above never stuck.

The following keys were imported via HKCU.reg at T12 and HKLM.reg on first run:


This also never worked.

And finally, After studying what nLite did when using it's Tweak section I finally decided to integrate the tweaks directly into hivesys.inf and hivedef.inf:


This also does not work.

I guess it's just bugging me that it is always mentioned as a valid reg tweak but never seems to work out for me.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

~Using Windows XP Professional XP SP3

Thanks for reading.

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;	Do not use Common Folder Tasks

Try apply the above registry tweak during GUIRUNONCE. (May have to refresh your explorer.exe if need to)

(To refresh explorer, in Runbox, just type the following: tskill explorer )

I'm able to get it display w/o webview under normal XP by doing this.

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