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XP Print Server ?


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Hi. We are running a Server 2003 Print Server that uses Print Management to deploy printers via GPO. It accomplishes this using an exe called pushprinterconnections.exe that is referenced in a GPO logon script.

I know XP can act as a print server, but to my knowledge cannot be used to deploy printers using this method. Does anyone know of any other way? Basically I have several remote locations that I want to deploy certain printers to depending on where users log in, and I want to avoid installing a 2003 Print Server at each location if I can avoid it. Having only one print server total would be tough as remote PC's would have to shoot their print jobs over a slow WAN link and back in order to get to the printer 5 feet away from them.

Thanks for your help.

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afaik, GPOs are only available from a domain controller where group policies are defined. That doesn't stop you from creating additional organizational units for each remote location and set up the additional group policies for pushing printer connection for each location.

In my opinion, that's the easiest/best way to do it. You can still set up an XP box to host the printer connection, and just push the connection to that particular printer out to the particular OU where it applies.

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