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System Freezes

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I can't remember when this activity started, but it seems to happen at random. Is this a case of just because it's Vista and it's unstable or what? Basically, I'll have software running on my computer, and all of the sudden, my mouse and keyboard freeze. It happens intermittently, maybe once every couple of weeks, but still annoying.

This happened today as well. I turned on my computer, booted my AOL 9.1 software to check my E-mail and also launched firefox. Windows Live Messenger 2009 is set up to connect to the internet when I turn on my computer, which is a recent change from not connecting at all. This problem also happened with Windows Live Ver. 8. Today when it happened, I only had the three mentioned software applications running. I basically woke out of bed, checked my E-mail and a few other things, then just left it sitting while getting ready for work. When I came back, I was locked up. No screen saver at all.

Any thoughts on the matter in what's causing this? I couldn't seem to figure out by checking the event viewer, unless I was checking the wrong thing.

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