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WHS = Video Distorted when running 2 video outputs

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Greetings - I'm playing around with the evaluation version of Window Home Server (built ontop of Server 2003) and have run across a video issue:

Yes, I know that the video card and drivers are not supported in W2k3, but...

I'm running an ATI 9200SE (128MB) PCI video card using driver v.6.11 [2006.11.15] - using XP drivers [installed in XP compatability mode]. I have not installed the control center, as I've read that it is not compatable with Server 2003. I've increased the settings for both the primary and the seconday display to full acceleration.

When I run only with the SVGA monitor attached - everything works fine.

When I run only with the S-Video TV attached - everything works fine.

However, when I try to operate with both the monitor and the TV attached - my problems begin.

1) Colors shift slightly - pure whites become pinks on the monitor

2) Sharp details become slightly fuzzy and slightly distorted on the monitor.

3) The output on the TV is reduced from a great full screen image to 6 multiple, repeating images that are distorted and unviewable.

Connect both S-Video & SVGA = problem begin

Disconnect either SVGA or S-Video = problems end

When testing the same configuration on my XP-Pro machine - I don't have any problems - I'm able to view output on both devices simultaneously. So it's not the card - its either the setup or configuration on the WHS box.

Is there anything additional I can check / set / change in my configuration?

Thanks -

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