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Fax merge Word 2007


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My google skills are extremely lacking for some reason. I'm hoping someone here has run into this:

My bosses want to send a winter closing notice as a fax blast and I don't see 'Fax' as a document type on the mail merge wizard.

I have a SQL server that, as part of the production software that runs on it, has a physical fax modem installed on COM1 (faxing order acknowledgments, invoices, etc...). For purposes of this business need, I also have a copy of office 2007 installed on that server as well. Faxing from within Windows works just fine.

I have looked at




both of those articles have been suggested many times on the web, but neither have helped. I have installed the fax transport service in outlook, but I can only pull in outlook contacts. These contacts exist in our accounting system (QuickBooks Enterprise).

Has anyone successfully merged to fax from the built-in software? They don't want to have to go out and purchase a 3rd party program to do this.


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solved it, though it's not very elegant.

1. Through ODBC, pull out all my customers with fax numbers into excel.

2. Edit the list in excel to format the fax number canonically (1+ fax number with area code), and save it as a CSV.

3. Import those customers into outlook as contacts.

4. Using the fax mail transport protocol, type my message and select all the contacts as recipients

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