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For a long time in XP, I have been hitting the close button in the upper right of the title bar instead of the minimise button I intended to hit.

I figured out the reason for this is that the close button is red, while the minimize and window/full screen buttons are blue. The red attracts your eye, and your mouse pointer along with it!

Does anyone know of a way to change the color of the minimize button in XP to green or bright yellow?

There is a small program called Eppie which does this in Windows 9x.

It would be nice if it did not involve a massive skinning program as I just use the XP default color scheme in classic mode, but if such a program is the only way to do it, it would be OK as long as it allowed me to change just the buttons and I did not have to apply a whole skin.

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Where would one find a skin?

I use the default Windows XP theme, with the Classic Start Menu and having to change to the classic theme would be OK. While some slight change to the shape of the buttons might be acceptable, I DON'T really want to change anything else except for the color of the minimise button. I really don't want to have a different "look" from the standard XP one, as it makes it more confusing when I am working on a computer other than mine.

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