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I'm working on the BCD store, and I have a little problem.

Currently I have the pxelinux.cfg loaded when I boot on the network. I would like to move all elements I have in this menu into the BCD store.

Almost all things works, but I have not succeeded to launch an application.

I will explain by examples, it will for easy for me.

I have the following code into my default file (pxelinux.cfg)

KERNEL startrom.0

To launch the Rescue Mode (it's a bartPE), I use the following code into the BCD :

Real-mode Application (10400009)
identifier {bdd71c0f-83ba-11dd-aab5-001e4fd221c8}
device boot
path startrom.0
description Rescuemode
pxesoftreboot Yes

And it works perfect.

Now I would like to do the same thing with another application. The difference is that instead of loading one .ISO, I need to emulate a 1.44Mo disk.

label Diag1
menu label DIAGNOSTIC
kernel memdisk
append initrd=diag1.img keeppxe

I was thinking about this code into the BCD, but it's don't work.

Real-mode Application (10400009)
identifier {44f1346e-bf8d-11dd-aad7-001e4fd221c8}
device boot
path memdisk initrd=diag1.img
description Diagnostic
pxesoftreboot Yes

In another words, anyone succeed to emulate a disk launched by the BCD menu ?

Of course all comments are welcome. I'm sure there are several possibility to launch my application, but all my tests were fails.

Best regards,


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