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How to make PDA work with Vista computer


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USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED is all I've ever got despite reinstalling windows, upgrading BIOS, testing several forceware and nforce drivers on my stationary computer, yet just now i figured it had to be the pda phone that was faulty, a HTC tytn with windows mobile 6 so i connected my pda tp the laptop running the same type of vista as my stationary does.

I am such a proud owner so i posted a few screenshots from my laptop, notice how exactly everything works just like it's supposed to and it installs it quickly and even identifies the pda icon correctly. I was blown away by how Vista occasionally can work and how good it feels.

The question is what's wrong with my laptop since there's nothing wrong with the phone itself.

Since i bought the Asus P5N-T Deluxe my pda hasn't worked with the computer, I get errors like, can't install windows mobile network driver (or something similar), usb device not recognized and mostly it doesn't react at all when i connect the pda, tho it still charges over the usb cable in either case.

Should i just buy a new mainboard? Is there anything i can try? I have had several issues with it making me pretty sick and tired of it.




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