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Different files in my $OEM$ directory (Dell)


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Hi guys,

I'm wondering why I get an $OEM$ directory full of files when i copy over my XP CD to my computer.

Files such as: "emereald.exe" or "gotouch.exe".. What are these?

I run a Dell Inspiron 9400 XP Media Center Edition

Thx for the replies,


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Okay so I'm safe deleting those?

If information contained in the OEM directory contains information to necessary correctly install Windows (like an OEM Hardware Abstraction Layer), the relevant files should be kept.

I have recently tried installing Windows XP Professional on a Dell Inspiron 1501, and the Windows installation could not complete. I was not using the Dell provided disks (they did not come with the computer). It is possible that important OEM files may exist on a Dell CD to reinstall Windows.

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Why not make a copy w/o them and try it out? I doubt the $OEM$ partition would have anything critical to installing a basic vanilla Windows, but you do have to be careful with the OEM versions they ship w/systems.

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Emerald.exe is actually Update Rollup 2 for MCE. I remember seeing that when I was working on up dating my install disc with SP3. I opened it up with WinRAR and seeing the same updates that Update Rollup 2 has in it. I could be wrong. I was sleepy at the time.

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