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RunOnceEx From CMDLINES ?


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You can use my RunOnceEx as reference/example. I also use hide.exe among other things.

Using hide.exe because when I started unattended I was all about making the installation look as clean as possible. Don't care now but never changed it.

Thanks, examples are always nice..
Thanks, although I'm sure you misunderstood me. I know exactly what it does, I simply have no wish now or ever to use such a thing.

I find it completely unnecessary to prevent a window flashing on the screen during an unattended installation. First of all the idea of unattended is that you don't have to sit there during the installation, so you wont see anything happen. Secondly for those who do sit there, flashing windows may help prove that something is actually happening!

What I actually meant was that because I didn't have a working knowledge of Hide.exe, I wasn't sure if for instance all of its parameters needed double quoting.

Well, I simply used it a long time ago as well and I never changed.

Plus I use it for other stuff on my system that I use every day and got tired of seeing a flashing CMD window.

But yes your right. Then again I know it's working since for the unattended install I am using a once-run menu after all. But yeah it does not really matter.


If that 'hide.exe' app is Oleg Scherbakov's 'hidcon.exe', then the problem is that it dosen't support redirection...

It's this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=49184 Edited by war59312
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