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Auto Reboot loop on unattended install, searched can't find

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I just used the guide on the site and made my own unattended setup. Burned it to a disc and got it to install all the way to the 1 minute mark. Computer then reboots and crashes and reboots again. This is an endless cycle.

I'm led to believe that it is a corrupt driver or something from my research. Since this is a new install, how can I figure what it is that is causing this issue?

If I boot to safe mode, it loads all the drivers it needs and crashes at MUP.SYS. Everything I've found about this tells me nothing. Every fix I've seen deals with a running install that suddenly does this.

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Actually, if you're getting to where you can see MUP.SYS, then the problem lies with the service that is trying to load after MUP.SYS and that will depend on the the Start order of services on your machine. 0 = boot, 1 - system, 2 = automatic (which is going to be the service start type you may want to focus on due to where your system is crashing; though it could be a 1 that is loading directly after Mup.sys and just before the 2s.)

I typically focus on Video drivers when this happens, they (and the lack of properly loaded video drivers) are notorious for causing this particulas crash.

To find get to where you can adjust the Start type of a service, I suggest having a BartPE disk with RegeditPE on the disk. Or you can also try to use Shift+F10 in setup before it restarts and run helpful commands there, go into control panels, etc.

You should be able to find more information on why it is stopping at MUP.SYS using google search. With some research, you should be able to get through it. I have, quite a few times.

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