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Office Accounting Express 2008 DATE FORMAT


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In Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008, the dates of everything are formatted as

YY/MM/DD, like today is 08/09/11.

This means 2008/Sept/11, but is too easily mistaken for Aug 9, 2011.

I've searched all though the built-in Help and the online 'Help and How To' on Microsoft's web site, but don't see any explanation of HOW TO CHANGE THE DATE FORMAT.

If I could even change the format to at least show 4 digits for the year I'd live with that.

Does anybody know how to change the date format?

Thank you.


For the next guy:

You can't modify the date format within the MS Office application. It requires changing the date format option for the entire operating system:

Control Panel / Regional & Language Options/ Regional Options / Customize button.

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