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help creating xp cd

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i have built an xp cd with nlite and followed the directions on adding office and it worked great but it has to go on a dvd because its almost 2 gig but some of the pc's i need to install it on dont have dvd roms so i need to know how can i span it over multiple cdr's im hoping it can be done i know other versions of xp like media center has more than 1 disk thanks in advance :)

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Maybe you could use a thumbdrive as your intall medium? Most modern PCs allow for boot from USB in the BIOS.

The other way might be to create a "true" addon (.cab files with install.inf) and you can modify your .inf file [sourceDisksFiles] section so all the file entries =2 instead of one, then put those files in the /i386 folder of your second install CD. To learn more about creating addons, Ricktendo64 has created some very informative videos on the subject:


Making addons is great, but making a multi-cd install for office will take lots of time. Its nice to string everything together to get that "one button and it all works" feeling, but sometimes all the time and energy used to create that "one button" wont quite make-up for the on-site convenience. You could just create an autoit script just for office from a thunbdrive.

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ive pretty much got the addons down im just still having trouble making it span across multiple cds there are several pcs in my office that dont boot to usb or have dvd drives i would like to get everything in one setup even if i have to swap disks i would apriciate any help

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