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W2K Pro/Server Issue with Shared Files when Logon


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Hi All,

I have a problem with a network share on 2000/2003. We have a logon script at work here which uses Kixtart.

We find that on occasion, a user will logon, copy over their shortcuts (part of our SOE) into their roaming Windows 2000 profile and then their PC will lock up. We find that at this stage the user can still move the mouse however are unable to start Task Manager or do much at all. They have to power cycle the PC. The problem is that when this happens the shortcuts that are copied from the hidden network share (\\server\vault$\) are in some sort of lock stage - although when managing the server and seeing the Open Files list the files don't reflect this and the open mode is Read (no Read+Write).

Other users when they attempt to log in are unable to access these files and as such their login scripts hang (Open Files - Open Mode reads "no access"). Once our IT team are advised however we can determine the cause and kill that original user's session and all the logon scripts that have hung will continue through.

We have tried a few things to locate the issue such as ProcMon on a PC constantly logging-in and rebooting however we still have not had the PC hang. The PCs that do hang are varied models, with generic software and all windows updates managed through WSUS. We have also relocated the vault$ share from domain controllers to other servers and of different OSs - 2000 and 2003. Additionally there doesn't appear to be anything in the crashed user's eventlog. It may also be worth noting that the share server is defragged often.

I'm confident that the kixtart script we use is fine, as 90/100 logons will work. We also remove kixtart's local "copy" function and forced it to use batch files to copy the shortcuts however the same issue occurs.

We're inclined to think this might be a Windows Update perhaps at the server level which could be the issue, however I haven't turned much up in my Google searching.

Any thoughts or suggestions of what to try next would be greatly appreciated.

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