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Windows Photo Gallery Keyboard Shortcuts


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Following list contains keyboard shortcuts for Windows Photo Gallery:

CTRL+F Opens the Fix pane

CTRL+P Prints selected picture

ENTER View the selected picture at a larger size

CTRL+I Open or close the Details pane

CTRL+PERIOD (.) Rotate the picture clockwise

CTRL+COMMA (,) Rotate the picture counter-clockwise

F2 Rename the selected item

CTRL+E Search for an item



PLUS SIGN (+) Zoom in or resize the picture thumbnail

MINUS SIGN (-) Zoom out or resize the picture thumbnail

CTRL+B Best fit

LEFT ARROW Select the previous item

DOWN ARROW Select the next item or row

UP ARROW Previous item (Easel) or previous row (Thumbnail)

PAGE UP Previous screen

PAGE DOWN Next screen

HOME Select the first item

END Select the last item

DELETE Move the selected item to the Recycle Bin

SHIFT+DELETE Permanently delete the selected item

LEFT ARROW Collapse node

RIGHT ARROW Expand node

Keyboard shortcuts for working with videos

J Move back one frame

K Pause the playback

L Move forward one frame

I Set the start trim point

O Set the end trim point

M Split a clip

HOME Stop and rewind all the way back to the start trim point

ALT+RIGHT ARROW Advance to the next frame

ALT+LEFT ARROW Go back to the previous frame

CTRL+K Stop and rewind playback

CTRL+P Play from the current location

HOME Move the start trim point

END Move to the end trim point

PAGE UP Seek to nearest split point before the current location

PAGE DOWN Seek to nearest split point after the current location

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