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log in screen used for multi-users on network


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I need to utilize a laptop for any user on our network. What are the steps to set up the laptop so that any user on the network can log on to the computer without setting up multiple users or having each user log onto the laptop with the same user name/password. This laptop will be used in our office and outside our office for any of the users within this office.

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If you on a domain network, then any user on the domain can log into the computer using their domain account. By default, any user who logs in will be assigned to the local "Users" group on the computer. If you're not on a domain, I'm pretty sure there is no way to do this without setting up mulitple local accounts on the computer for each user.

Also, even if you are using domain accounts, if the computer is off-line (outside your office), then only domain accounts which have been cached will be able to log in. In other words, if a certain user has never logged into the computer before, he/she will not be able to log in if the computer is not attached to the network where the domain controller resides.

On top of that, the computer will only cache a certain number of previous username/password logins, so if the computer is out of the office and cannot contact the domain controller, then only that number of previous logons will be remembered. The setting for the number of cached logons to remember is located at:

Start --> Run... --> gpedit.msc --> Computer Config --> Windows Settings --> Local Policies --> Security Options -->

"Interactive logon: Number of previous logons to cache"

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IIRC, laptop users will need local admin rights in order to login to the laptop when they're unplugged from the domain, this probably has been changed in Vista.

We have many laptops on our domain, and I have never found this to be the case--users can log just fine (as long as the login has been cached). They can't install anything, however, but that's no different then if there were connected to the domain network.

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