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Help with Netdom for rejoining PCs to a domain

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Naming a computer and adding to the domain with netdom is quite easy, and reliable. The only issue that I'm coming across is when I reimage a computer, I want it named the same as it was, and to stay in the same OU. It errors out that the account already exists...which I realize. Resetting the account in AD doesn't seem to make any difference. Now, if I don't automate it, and let it prompt me for the computer name at the end of the mini-setup so that it joins the domain, I can give it the old computer name and it joins up, retains its place in the original OU, and all is well.

What are they doing differently in sysprep that allows this to happen? Is there any way to join a computer to the domain with an existing computer account other than this? I don't want to have to delete the computer account and try to remember what OU it goes in before I rename it.

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