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cmdlines.txt with sysprep problem


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Hi all, i've got a weird problem question...

My unattended install works perfect, during install my cmdlines.txt is called and does everything it is supposed to do. One of the commands is an install of .net framework 3.5 , so that's cool. But afterward i sysprep the system with the "minisetup" option. then i start the system again and for some reason cmdlines.txt runs again.. So it installs .net framework again (and because .net 3.5 takes long to install i don't want it to do that). I don't have the cmdlines.txt in the sysprep folder or not even in \sysprep\$oem$\ ... And before i sysprep i look for cmdlines.txt but i can't find it. So i don't understand where sysprep gets the information to run these commands again ?!

I hope this makes any sense and that someone can help me.. So i want to let cmdlines run @ first setup / install , but i don't want those command to run again after sysprepping...

Anyone ? :)

Thx !

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