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Need script to configure snmp

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I do a lot of windows installs using a floppy and a winnt.sif answer file.

In part of my configuration I automate the setup of SNMP like this:


Contact_Name= My Name

Location = MyComany

Service = Physical, Applications, End-to-End, Datalink, Internet

Community_Name = Public

Traps =

Accept_CommunityName = Public:Read_Only, Private:Read_Write

Any_Host = yes

There are some times that I can not do the deployment via the sif file so I am looking for a way to script the same settings post install.

Idealy if there were a tool that could just parse the sif file and apply the setting that would be cool but a simple vbs or some other solution would work just as well. Also this should be a stand alone script with no other file dependencies.

Can anyone help to create such a script?


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SNMP config is stored in HKLM\Systsem\CurrentControlSet\Services\SNMP

Mostly you'll probably be looking for the Parameters subkey.

Set these values to what you want, export the .REG file and then use regedit /S or reg.exe to import the .REG file on the target machines.

One quick'n'dirty deployment method for existing servers would be to share the .reg file somewhere central and run

psexec @serverlist.txt "reg.exe /import \\dfsshare\snmp\snmpsetting.reg"

Or something similar.

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