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[Request] Silent Switches


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for silent install switches for the following programs. I would appreciate any help given!

Ares 2.0.9 (Install file: aresregular209_installer.exe)

DivX 6.8 (Install file: DivXInstaller.exe)

DVD Shrink (Install file: dvdshrink32setup.exe)

nLite 1.4.1 (Install file: nLite-1.4.1.installer.exe (I think it might be a msi installer))

VirtualBox (security warning) - (Install file: VirtualBox_1.5.4_Win_x86.msi) - silent switch to allow security warning?

Yahoo (ending process) - (Install file: ymsgr8us.exe) - Need to close yahoo after installing

Thanks for any help given or redirection to requested information!


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dvd shrink: setup.exe /S

nlite.exe /silent

read the unattended guide to learn about the type of common installer and their switches.

search the forum, there are many topics that cover those programs.

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