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Server 2003 Blocking Traffic on Port 80


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I am having an issue with using server 2003 as a web server. At this point,

I have a a blade web server that receives thousands of web calls a day from

devices that access a site to upload data to my system. This is TECHNICALLY

on load balancing, however the other server has been down and needs repair,

but even when it was active, this issue occured.

What is happening: we are losing devices. they get TCP timeout errors when

trying to connect to the website.

What I have done: replaced firewall/router (cisco ASA), tried to replicate

the problem on a 2000 cluster that is still active elsewhere in the company

(problem did not occur there, but this site will be shut down shortly),

researched like you wouldn't believe on the internet. took one of my 2000

servers and placed in the same location as my 2003 cluster(could not

duplicate problem), contacted my isp (was told my traffic was not curtailed

port 80 and that they were not blocking anything coming into my router),

verified that the devices in the field reporting into us were completely


What I am running: Windows server 2003 on a dell blade server with load

balancing using cold fusion mx 7.

I am wondering if anything has any ideas, I'm at a dead end.....


Thanks for replying


"I may as well have a 24 hundred dollar deck of cards cause all I do on that

thing is play solitare"

~Larry the Cable Guy

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Do you have a network trace of this behavior, showing the connect and the timeout to one of the devices? The network stack in 2003 was far different than 2000, so we'd need to see the actual conversation failure to be sure. However, are you sure you aren't running out of something like ephemeral ports, or perhaps seeing kernel pool issues?

How is the server configured (RAM-wise, boot.ini, etc)?

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ColdFusion... ARGH!

Are you using CF's own jrun HTTPd , or is it being run via IIS?

Try running netstat -b and see if something/anything is actually listening on port 80.

Can you do a telnet localhost 80

and then send it:

GET / HTTP/1.0

- and get a response? NB - you probably won't be able to see what you're typing, and you need two carriage returns after the GET line.

I tend to find CF issues with timeouts are usually down to bad CFML scripts, or broken dependencies like database backends.

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