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sata 3112a


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can i intergreat the drivers from my floppy to the instaltion that i want

i have the new black and it does not have the sata drivers in it i have the floppy

or where do i find the sata driver pack

it has to be easier than what the other guy said!

can i use nlite to do this?

please help with this!

a step by step would be nice

I read the other post and i lost it at this

What I'm about to explain is how you can add SATA/RAID drivers by editing only one file - TXTSETUP.SIF - which is

i use nLITE

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Because integrating MassStorage drivers are more difficult than just copying the files to a location. Consult the Driverpacks forum to learn more.

If you need to integrate them yourself, you're going to have to learn a couple of things about integrating MassStorage drivers.

Oh, and the best place to learn is the Driverpacks forum.

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