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A Little Problem,


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Ok most of you probarly know of me and my project.

Well the removal parts quite easy but as expected the re-intergrating is more difficult.

Heres my problem, When the user chosses to reintergrate any component etc he/she will be give the option to download the neccesary files or have them intergrated using the disk (full/all files).

If they choose to use the disk my app will make use of the expand command (even if the user doesn't have it on the system it will be embedded or available via download). So farso good but say they choose to re-intergrate the service "COM+ Event System & COM+ System Application" (as i call it) know that means my program intergrates the files using the ex[pand command into the system32 folder and will also use this:

sc config start= demand

sc start

to start the service etc.

But the service "COM+ Event System & COM+ System Application" also uses a folder named "Com" in %systemroot%\system32\Com

so my app makes the folder using the "mk" command but what abut the files inside i know i can use the expand command but how will i:

1. know exactly what files belong here (i have an idea)

Where will i:

Get them from, (are they on the disk?)

Cheers in advance,

PS. also there is a file named emptyregdb.dat which is not on the disk so how do i get about this?

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