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GreenMachine's Complete SVCPACK.INF


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Attatched is an image of my VMWare displaying the issue, and below that my svcpack.inf file.

BTW, this is an SP3 slipstreamed copy of XP - however, I was seeing the same issue with SP2!


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Hi Greenmachine,

Is it possible to get the latest xpcreate version. I posted severall times in the xpcreate section but no reaction. I also sent you a PM but never received a response.

I am using the previous one with a lot of success. Thanks in advance,


@Bitfrotter: Correct me if I am wrong, but your posts have led me to believe you are using XPCREATE in a commercial environment. Is that correct?

I will not be updating this SVCPACK.INF any longer, as I have moved on to SP3.

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My apologies but that is not the case. I have tried to use your tool in a job I previously did with a large company in Eindhoven, the Netherlands but this company unfortunatly decided to do it in another way. Since januari of this year I have moved to another job and I am no longer working on the client side. I am now working at the server side and in an Exchange 2003/2007 environment.

However for my own private purpose I use xpcreate to have a unattended installation of XP that I can use to install within vmware/virtual server/hyper-v when I am studying for new microsoft certification. Once you have an unattended installation you want to keep it that way every month when there are new updates.

So i am sorry to put you in the wrond direction. Maybe I should have told earlier what my intensions where. If it is possible I still would like to use your xpcreate tool. If you want more information send me a pm and I will answer your questions.

With kind regards,

Hans Broeders

The Bitfrotter

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