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rootsupd.exe as of Nov 2007: Cant slipstream?


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Hi everybody. Has anyone had sucess slipstreaming the latest rootsupd.exe ?

I took it from tomcat76 (its rootsupd version 14, we can see it in rootsupd.inf inside the exe file) and deployed it in HF together with the other KBxxxxx patches, but after my install is done and I get to windows update it still says I need to update root certificates.

I am using hfslip 1.6.5 build 71025 , and I am slipstreaming W2k + SP4 + all patches + IE 6, if it makes a difference.

One thing that crosses my mind is if by any reason the rootsupd.exe content is being overwritten by IE 6, for example, something that we would solve maybe by renaming the rootsupd.exe to something that would be listed on the bottom?

I dont see any note saing that rootsupd should be placed somewhere else...

Any clues?


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