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Script/CLI method to set service recovery options


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Dear all,

Windows services have a neat little feature, where you can set recovery options, so that should a service crash, the service control manager will restart it.

I had hoped I might be able to write a .REG file with parameters for HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SVCname - ErrorControl and FailureActions, but the failure actions key isn't human-readable, and in any case, it doesn't appear that it does what I thought it did:


Any tips or pointers on how I can configure 3,000 servers to set SNMP to restart after a failure would be greatly appreciated.



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Nevermind... it can be done with sc.exe - which is probably the first thing I should have looked at, but oh no.... I had to go firing up Regmon to see which keys were being enumerated, didn't I?

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